New Tech Will Jolt The Battery Industry

By: Charles Epstein

By Charles Epstein The future of battery technology means new propulsion systems and power generators will become more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and cheaper. The world’s largest battery makers are pursuing these goals in China, South Korea, Europe and the U.S. Developed nations are accelerating these non-carbon developments as they move from...

Climate Irony: Cleaner Air Linked To Increase In Atlantic Hurricanes 

By: Allison Finch

By Allison Finch Reducing air pollution has important health benefits — but it can also have an unusual impact on the environment. A new study from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), recently published in the journal Science Advances, examined how particulate air pollution, or aerosols, and climate change...

10 Top Technologies To Help Cool Cities

By: Naama Barak

By Naama Barak Cities worldwide are stiflingly hot: lack of shade, ACs spewing hot air on the sidewalks and no breeze make walking outside come August somewhat of a nightmare. And with urbanization, heat islands and global warming, things are likely to get worse. This is where technology can help....