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Colorado Becomes the First State to Limit Court Use of Family Reunification Camps

By: Hannah Dreyfus,

A new bill restricts the use of reunification programs and requires domestic violence training for experts in custody cases. Lawmakers credit ProPublica’s reporting for exposing the need for reforms in the family court system.

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SYMPOSIUM: Covering Hate Crimes in Black, Asian, Jewish, and LGBTQ Media

By: The Center for Community Media

The Center for Community Media is hosting a half-day conference on how community media can and do respond to hate crimes targeting Black, Asian, Jewish, and LGBTQ communities. How do community journalists help keep the most vulnerable members of their communities safe and informed, and bring diverse community members together to...

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Briefing: How to Cover Gender-Based Violence in Asian and Black Communities

Asian American and Black communities across the U.S. experience disproportionate rates of sexual assault, domestic and intimate partner violence, trafficking, and other forms of gender-based violence. Many in these communities also face intersecting vulnerabilities and multiple barriers to safety and protection for victims and survivors. In-language and community-based media can...