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Urban Spectrum Expands to the Mississippi Gulf and Baltimore

Denver Urban Spectrum founder and publisher Rosalind “Bee” Harris’ dream of expanding the Urban Spectrum brand to different cities begins Aug. 1, thanks to the internet. Originally, Harris wanted to franchise the Urban Spectrum in the print format, but as the media world changed, she decided to reach out to...

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The History Makers Return To Denver

By: Charles Emmons

Everyone has a story to tell and everyone is significant. When families gather for reunions this summer, this must be at the forefront.  If you have someone in your family that has done something particularly significant, get to know them, cherish your interactions, and preserve what they have done. This...

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MRBES Teaches the Values of Networking & Believing in Dreams

By: Khaleel Herbert Photos by Dwayne Glapion and Khaleel Herbert

The 12th Annual Mountain Region Business Economic Summit (MRBES) kicked off at 8 a.m. June 2, at the Denver Marriott City Center. The Summit is where big and small business owners meet, network and attend workshops to improve their businesses in the Rocky Mountain area. A new attraction to the...

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Jeroan Adams: Returning to the Roots of Black Music

By: Allan Tellis

In the heart of every type of black music reside two foundational elements, drums and bass. No matter what region or era observed, the heavy presence of those instruments is undeniably strong. Talented musician Jeroan Adams believes we can look all the way back to our ancestral roots in the...

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Tyler Family Reunion Comes to Denver

By: Charles Emmons

July and August is the season for family reunions. Across the country, grandmothers kiss new babies, new in-laws shake hands and embrace, siblings trade stories about their year, and cousins greet each other with a surprised look for the first time. For African-Americans, these reunions have always had a special...

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Back In The Day...and Today with Bobby Wells

By: Charles Emmons Photos By Kathy Wells

Many of us find our calling in adversity. The more challenges we face, we shift gears, we climb higher, and the greater impact we can have through sharing our gifts. Our reward is not always monetary. Often the joy of creation becomes our incentive. Denver musician, producer, Bobby Wells brought...