Brownlee Automotive: Teamwork Above All Else

Brownlee Automotive: Teamwork Above All Else

It has been four years since the Denver Urban Spectrum has had the opportunity to profile Anthony Brownlee, and he has made some mighty strides since then!  

As we celebrate Black History Month 2020 we wanted to take some time out to catch up with the California-native, automotive entrepreneur, travel aficionado – President & CEO of Brownlee Automotive and the new owner of Yellowstone Motors.

Denver Urban Spectrum: How did the deal to acquire Yellowstone Motors come together?

Anthony Brownlee: I think every deal has its own timetable. Especially when you’re starting a new company, and you really want to make sure that you take your time, especially if the dealership has been owned by one family for decades, like this one was. I wanted to give them time to get to know me, and vice versa. Therefore, there was no particular rush to get to the finish line other than once we knew it was the right fit for me, it was the right time for them to sell. I think it’s important that when you have a family or an individual that put their life work into a business, you respect that by making sure they’re comfortable with you as the buyer.

DUS: As the newest member of Brownlee Automotive, what does the future hold for Yellowstone Motors?

AB: My goal was to keep everyone [on the original staff]
and we’ve been very successful with that goal. I am proud of the entire team in terms of how they’re handling the transition, and keeping their focus, as we move forward. Brownlee Automotive is in growth-mode. I’m actively looking at collaborating with others in the industry and growing the business.

DUS: Not many people know that you have a background in real estate. Could we see a “Brownlee Homes” joining Brownlee Automotive any time soon?

AB: So my portfolio is pretty well diversified. I own property in California, Colorado, and North Carolina. For me, when it comes to investing, I really don’t put any boundaries on that. I’m open to looking at opportunities nationwide.

DUS: Word has it that you love to travel. What has being out in the world taught you?

AB: So, I’m kind of an amateur photographer; that’s one of my hobbies. I make it a habit of when I am in a city for business or personal reasons, to slow down and truly get a sense of my surroundings [and take pictures]. Because the world is as small as you allow it to be, there is a lot to be discovered and enjoyed.

DUS: Speaking of enjoyment, what do you enjoy about your leadership journey from beginning to now?

AB: My job as a leader is to help others achieve, and succeed to their highest levels. And if you’re doing that, you’re helping the people around you perform at greater and greater levels. I think that’s what engages me, growing with my team, not above my team – the journey is only as meaningful as the people you share it with.

DUS: For the early career entrepreneur, what advice would Anthony Brownlee give them?

AB: Make sure you have a passion for your work, learn to love the process and dig into the details. The biggest thing I want to hammer home is that I root for everybody. I’m very competitive, but I am just as passionate about helping others succeed; because what an individual can contribute to those around them, is what’s most important.  I want to make sure that I always put my team, before myself, because our ascendance and accomplishments are intertwined.

Editor’s note: Yellow Stone Motors is located at 1105 W. Coulter Ave., Powell, WY. For more information, call 307-754-5743 or visit