Forget America! Long live Africa!

I’m very concerned about the Machiavellian machinations of imperialist power on the African continent. The latest predator to join the feeding frenzy
is China. I’ve noticed that all ethnic groups function in their own interest with the exception of African Americans. The Jews for Jewish interests, the French for France, the Germans for Germany, the British for Britain, the Dutch for Holland, so forth and so on. It just so happens, all these nations have exploited Africa for hundreds of years; they cut their baby teeth on stealing Black wealth. Where would those nations be today had they not been able to suckle at the breast of Mother Africa?
There should not be one African American in any position in American government, who is not outraged that Black people are impoverished on such a rich mineral continent. Now we have yellow people exploiting Black people, following the example of white people, who only want to see Africa developed if it is not under the control of the world’s dispersed African people.
How often does Black leadership in America meet with Black leadership in Africa to discuss policy? To discuss the future of Black people globally? Does African leadership only meet with Europeans and now the newcomer, Chinese? I believe the biggest and most serious problem African Americans have to overcome is thinking of themselves as Americans. There is nothing in the history of the Black experience in America that should cause Black people to believe they belong here! Yet they do! We have never been welcomed here. It seems quite insane to me that we as a people seem to have little or no involvement in what is happening on the African continent. Our enemies certainly do. This fact makes us look pretty foolish. Forget America! Long live Africa!


Aurora, CO


Random Thoughts

The day after Tuesday’s election, I read the Denver Post website and was surprised - but not really- that the Denver Post chose to spend time rehashing the month’s old article on Rep. Jovan Melton, who was overwhelming re-elected to his Colorado House seat.  While people thought he was being silent after the initial article ran so close to the election, he actually was doing his job and personally contacting his authorizing leadership, the Democratic candidates and precinct committee person’s in House District 41. What also is amazing that there was no special recognition of the
history making election of Joe Neguse, the state’s first Black congressman elected to the 2nd Congressional District.
Nationally, my heart is sad for the losses of Beto O’Rourke
for congress in Texas, Stacey Abrams for governor in Georgia (although there may be more to come in that race) and Andrew Gillum for governor in Florida. I asked for volunteers to go to Florida and Georgia and we sent two teams, one to Florida and one to Georgia.
But back to Colorado and how times here have changed for the better. In 1992 Colorado was suffering from the passage of the anti-gay Amendment 2, and in 2018 we elected the first openly gay governor in the country. When I introduced the first legislation in 1975 to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation, the newspapers referred to my bill as Webb
 introduces homosexual bill. It took decades and some ignorant beliefs can be changed, while others continue.
My wife Wilma worked hard for the passage of 301-Mental Health “Caring 4 Denver.” We’re thrilled voters increased taxes for mental health services and another proposal to raise tax dollars for the city’s parks. Both proposals are important and will help our community.

Wellington E. Webb
Denver, CO

Thanks To Family, Friends,Community and Voters

Thank you for standing with me
andreelecting me to the Colorado House of Representatives by the largest margin of votes I have ever received. You have proven that one’s past should not determine their future, and I am extremely humbled and grateful for the tremendous opportunity and outpouring of support shown to me. I understand that we have a long road ahead, and I am committed to restoring the confidence of my constituents and my colleagues in the upcoming term.
I want to reiterate that I am extremely sorry for the pain I’ve caused, and I again ask both involved in the incidents reported for their forgiveness. A single day has not gone by in the past 19 years that I haven’t wished I took different actions to avoid such conflict. It is not lost on me that aggression of any kind is never okay. In addition to my previous statement to seek self-improvement, I’ll be reaching out to victim
advocate groups to better understand how I can leverage my role as a legislator to ensure that victims have access to the services they need to feel safe.
In my fourth and final term in office, I am dedicated to completing the work we began six years ago. With your help, I’ve sponsored 58 bills passed into law, as well as a successful Amendment to the Colorado Constitution to abolish slavery in all circumstances. I could not be more proud of all that we’ve accomplished together and I am committed to the work you’ve once again elected me to do. I know we can continue to build a better future for communities throughout our district and across this state. Together we can move Colorado forward.

Jovan E. Melton, State Rep. H.D. 41
State of Colorado


Seeking Community Support

I have been selected to represent the city of Aurora in the 2019 United States of America’s Mrs. Colorado Pageant to be held on Jan. 13, 2019 at the Broadmoor Resort. The United States of America Pageants are designed to encourage women to strive to achieve their hopes, dreams, goals
,and aspirations, while making them feel confident and beautiful inside and out and focus on women empowerment, promoting positive self- image and advocating a platform of community service. The United States of America’s Mrs. Colorado leads directly to the national United States of America’s Pageant held in Las Vegas.
To help me achieve my goal of becoming the next United States of America’s Mrs. Colorado, I am in need of sponsors and would be honored to receive public support. My entry fee is $700 and any contribution will be truly appreciated. For your support, I will make myself available for personal appearances at your place of business or special event. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Editor’s note: For more information or to make a donation, email Sylviadenise-waller@gmail.

Sylvia D. Waller
Mrs. Aurora 2018-2019