Langley Foundation Presents Five Scholarships

The Drs. Joseph and Alice Langley Scholarship Foundation hosted an award reception at New Hope Baptist Church on Saturday, May 6. Fayeth Pritchard, Jaiden Emerson, Lydia Agyemang, Husam Mackawi, and Maurice Wyatt each received a $1,000 scholarship to be used at the university of their choice. Tanaka Shipp, concurrent enrollment and partnership counselor, Colorado High School Charter and Tracey Peters, director of multicultural excellence, University of Denver were speakers. Dr. Claudette Sweet sang “Lift Every Voice and Sing.”


Denver Wins Risk Management Award For Marijuana Safety Program

The City and County of Denver’s Risk Management Division won the Public Risk Management Association’s 2017 Outstanding Achievement for a Public Risk Management Program award for its marijuana safety program.  
Colorado was the first state in the country to allow recreational marijuana sales, and Denver was the first major city in the world to develop a regulatory program. After the new marijuana industry and regulatory responsibilities required of the City and County of Denver were established, potential health risks to city employees were quickly identified by the city’s Risk Management Division. The result was a new safety awareness program and marijuana-specific safety guidelines to protect city employees while performing their official functions within this industry.
From situational awareness to personal protective equipment, the Marijuana Safety Awareness Program addresses the unique safety needs of law enforcement, compliance inspectors, and tax collection agents. Over 750 hours went into developing the safety guidelines, which continue to be updated as the industry grows and changes. The safe practices guidelines have been adopted by the State of Colorado and are being considered by other public entities within the state and country.
The Public Risk Management Association or PRIMA, is a non-profit, member-led association dedicated to defining and implementing the best practices of risk management. They will present the award to members of the Risk Management Division in Phoenix, AZ on June 5.